Why Trail Running is Good for You

Making a dash for the woods is an experience like no other, and while road running certainly has its place and benefits, it can’t mimic the experience of tearing through a picturesque sand-blasted trail. If you are wondering why trail running is good for you, let us explain…

why trail running is good for you

Firstly, it is a particularly good exercise because your body takes less strain when running on a trail. Some studies have indicated that running on trails will minimise the stress that your body would normally endure (from road running). When the foot hits the ground, the normal force that would be transmitted from the ground and upwards through the body becomes dissipated. This is a result of the trail surface being typically softer than the hardened surface of the road. The trail surface is more forgiving on your joints and limbs because it has more give. Softer surfaces mean fewer injuries.

It is also a brilliant way to connect with nature. Trail running is something that has to be experienced first-hand to know how spiritually refreshing it is and what an enjoyable feeling it brings about. Going for a run on a trail is a superb way to get away from the hustle and bustle, the daily stresses, of everyday life and the scenery is the ideal backdrop for reflecting and gathering your thoughts.

Having a stressful day? A trail run could be a much-needed fix. Substituting rustling leaves, water streaming and birds chirping for urban sounds is just what the doctor ordered. It can help you get to a state of nirvana that you may consciously or subconsciously yearn for.

Another good reason to hit that trail hard is because trail running helps you develop into a more technical runner. Just as inov-8 shoes prompt you to run with a forefoot strike, so does trail running.

This is because you take shorter and faster strides as a result of running on an uneven surface. You also take less strain because you are using good running form. This makes allowance for increased acceleration and you use less energy.

If you have any respiratory ailments, trail running is definitely a good sport to try out. Generally, the air is quite pure and clean around trails. You don’t have to worry about taking in copious amounts of carbon monoxide (from passing cars) every single time you take a breath. In fact, there have been some studies which have actually indicated that exercising in polluted environments puts you at a much bigger risk of cardiovascular disease. Running in an oxygen-rich environment, dense in flora, is definitely healthier.

There are also numerous other benefits to trail running. It improves coordination, balance, agility, and endurance, for example. Due to the unpredictable nature of many trails, this option is always refreshing, exciting and interesting. If you haven’t already, go out and start trail running today. You will be pleasantly surprised about how beneficial it can be.

Can you list any other reasons why trail running is good for you?

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