Why Paleo Works

The Paleo Diet has a made ton of believers around the world, since its emergence. The results that it produces are phenomenal. From health and well-being to recovery, this diet has loads to offer. It’s time you understood why Paleo works.

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Let’s look at our ancestors. They enjoyed good health, yet they did not have the aid of modern medicine. Fast forward to present day and it is evident that this generation of the human species is a much weaker version of their ancestral counterparts, with a host of modern diseases contributing to that. That isn’t even something that can be contested.

Many of us are plagued with various ailments, with no other species have as much chronic diseases as the human species. It is safe to say that our diet is directly linked to our health and well-being. The Paleo Diet recognises this and encourages you to eat more naturally and steer clear from grains, dairy, legumes, wheat, refined sugars and processed foods.

The secret to good health definitely has much to do with your diet. If you look at people who have little or no health issues, they often follow a low carbohydrate diet and they eat meat and fresh fruit and vegetable. Those people may not be following the Paleo Diet per se but it definitely contains Paleolithic elements.

The prescription is very simple – eat more naturally, in a way that nature intended us to. It encourages you to consume food in their most natural state. We want to keep preserves and chemical additives at a minimal. While you can cook your vegetables, you are encouraged to eat them raw as you will be able to take in all of their natural goodness. Their nutritional value will not be depleted via the cooking process.

Food quality is of the utmost importance. The meat you eat should not be pumped with steroids. The animals from which you get meat from should not be on an artificial diet. Just as an artificial diet is going to be detrimental to people, it will also make animals ill. So you obviously will not want to eat the meat of a sick animal. We want to eat as organically as possible.

You don’t have to be a nutritionist to understand that a diet that encourages the consumption of vegetables and (whenever possible) eating meat from pasture raised or free range animals is going to be highly beneficial for your health and well-being. A large amount of people are lactose and gluten intolerant and it would definitely make sense to avoid dairy and wheat.

The bottom line is, the Paleo Diet works. It teaches the body to make use of stored fat for energy, rather than sugar. This diet can could do wonders for you and control or even possibly cure various ailments. There are too many signs that indicate you can reap many benefits from eating in this manner. So try out the Paleo Diet for a healthier you…

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What diets have you tried and what were the results? Would you consider the Paleo Diet?

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