Why Do We Run?

Pick up a magazine, turn on the television, go outside for a stroll, or go for a drive. Chances are you will see a runner pounding out his miles. What is it about running that makes it so popular? More importantly, why do we run?

Why I Run

There is no single-shot answer, but we do it for a variety of reasons. Many of us run simply, because we can. Running is a natural movement, so running as a sport or a pastime is a certainly a natural progression. When you hit the road, it is just you and the road; the road and you forge a bond, one that is without much expectation. If you are image conscious, you can still go out running looking like hell, the road will not care about that, and you are not going to stick around at a particular place, long enough to get noticed.

Running gives you the chance to become a better version of yourself by investing your time, dedication and energy into becoming a better runner. It teaches you a lot about yourself; you learn that your limits are not really set at that perimeter. You get a realisation that the pain that comes from pushing yourself past your limits is directly proportionate to your progress as a runner and is in fact worth it.

We run because it gives us the chance to accomplish the extraordinary, by overcoming the perils of a long torturous route, we have achieved what we previously though were perhaps not accomplishable. Running teaches us that pain is temporary and results make it worth it. We run because it is great for our health and well-being and it gives us an inner confidence that transcends into other facets of life ranging from work to the personal sphere. It is also a journey of discovery and enlightenment. We get to debunk running myths through trial and error.

Putting in those hours of lung shredding routines and sweat drenched hours not only makes us better runners but also gives us the chance to inspire others – to make them see that they too can shred that pavement or trail if they only give themselves a proper chance. The challenges that a runner faces and has to overcome can also be looked at as a metaphor for the triumph of the human spirit. That same determination and mettle we exhibit in bettering ourselves as runners can also be applied in the race of life.

After a bad day at the office or some other stressful situation, there is no better way to blow off some steam than to put in some distance under your heels. You get a chance to gather your thoughts and reflect uninterruptedly.

Running is a feel-good sport. As you take in the picturesque surrounding and fresh air of the outdoors, you feel an overwhelming calm. A calm that can also transcend past your running workout. These are just a handful of reasons; however there are many, many, more. If you don’t run, it is never too late to begin this athletic journey and get a first-hand account of why running is so addictive.

Why do you run?

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