What Happens When You Start CrossFit

As the hype around CrossFit continues to grow, there are so many people whose lives are changing for the better. Once you start CrossFit, a number of things will happen on this fantastic new voyage of functional fitness. This is what happens when you start CrossFit – or at least some of these things.

what happens when you start crossfit

You Learn that You are Unfit

Compared to the average Joe, you may be in decent shape, but nothing is going to prepare you for what is to come. It is very likely that you will be making use of muscles that you have not used for a long time. CrossFit workouts are punishing and you will quickly realise that perhaps you are not as fit as you thought you were.

Detractors Emerge

In some instances, you will hear negative comments from friends and family who are newfound authorities on CrossFit because they have come across an article or two on the web, lambasting it. Truth be told, you will find negative comments about anything if you look hard enough. The results of CrossFit speak for itself – so when detractors emerge, take them with a pinch of salt.

You Realise that your Physical Limits are Not Really your Physical Limits

Yes, the workouts are tough as heck and your physical limits are truly tested. However, what you deemed to be your threshold is soon expanded. With consistency, a good attitude and dedication you will start to perform feats that you didn’t think you could achieve.

You will Learn about Mental Toughness

As a result of the workouts being so tough, you will have to get mentally tough to push through those gut-wrenching WODs. A combination of encouragement from your teammates and trainers as well as an inner drive to want perform well is going to coax you to look past the pain and fatigue, and train!

You will Discover the Meaning of Camaraderie

While you perform the movements by your own skill and effort, you definitely need those words of encouragement from your box peers to help you to improve your personal best. Your teammates will push you when you want to quit and will pick you up when you fall. You will also make a whole bunch of new friends – some of them may even move into your social circle on a permanent basis.

You will Begin to Want to Eat Healthily

If you were not health conscious before, the gruelling nature of CrossFit workouts affirms the notion that your performance will suffer if you do not eat clean. Thinking of the following day’s training session will probably diffuse any ideas about scoffing down that double cheeseburger and fries and you’d rather opt to eat healthy.

You get a New Lease on Life

You become a lot more upbeat for a combination of reasons. You get more energy so you have more pep in your step. Working out also makes you feel good about yourself – it helps you garner bouts of confidence which transcends past the box. Saturday morning hangovers are soon replaced with Saturday morning WODs. It drives home the idea that health is truly wealth.

What perceptions do you have about starting CrossFit?

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