Wall Mounted Vertical Bar Racks Review

Storage of equipment is critically in any training facility or even home gym – the better you store equipment, the more space you make available to train, the neater your facility will look and importantly the better your equipment will last. When it comes to expensive equipment, like Olympic barbells and bumper plates, it is even more important.

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REBEL Elite Fitness recently launched a range of new storage solutions and we review their awesome new Wall Mounted Vertical Bar Racks – a great product for all sized facilities and a new way of storing barbells.

This wall mounted rack is a new and unique barbell storage design which allows for an easier and quicker storage solution compared to all other barbell storage solutions. Instead of floor stands or horizontal gun racks, this is mounted on a wall and the barbells fit into slots and are hung vertically. This way of storing barbells is easier to add and remove barbells and it’s a neat solution too.

REBEL Elite Fitness has two options available: a six-slot version and a three-slot version, so that it caters for all sizes facilities. Obviously if you need to store a larger set of barbells, you can buy multiple sets and fix them to your walls side-by-side.

Each set comes with a top mount and a bottom mount, each with drilled holes and associated bolts for secure installation. Constructed from high-quality 3mm steel, the two-piece set is painted with a durable black paint and has rubber inserts on the top mount to protect the sleeves of your Olympic bars during storage.

If this is something you want or need, order your online here!

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