Velocity Olympic Bar Review

REBEL Elite Fitness’ Velocity Olympic Bar is a premium barbell and one which stands head and shoulders above competing barbells on the market in South Africa. It offers exceptional quality, durability and performance and is designed for Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and high-rep workouts.

Rebel Elite Fitness Wooden Jerk Blocks

This competition barbell is reliable and the high-grade strong spring-steel has a hardened chrome finish, increasing its durability. It has the perfect balance and flexibility, minimising potential injury to your wrists and shoulders. The loadbearing for the Velocity Olympic Bar is up to 350kg, which means even the strongest can use it.

Rebel Elite Fitness Wooden Jerk Blocks

The knurling provides a superb grip, while the dual knurl pattern on the men’s bar is ideal for both Olympic weightlifting and Powerlifting, and it ends right at the sleeves, allowing those with wide snatch grips to use the full length of the bar. Additionally, there is no centre knurl, which often can hurt your neck or collar bones during workouts.

Rebel Elite Fitness Wooden Jerk Blocks

The cherry on the top is the polished steel sleeves which feature a bushing plus FOUR high-quality needle bearings, allowing them to spin incredibly smoothly and evenly. They also feature a textured ribbing finish to prevent collars from slipping off.

If you’re looking for an Olympic bar which is of the best quality and durability, this is the bar for you!

Product Breakdown Video by REBEL Elite Fitness

To order your Velocity Olympic Bar or for enquiries, go online here.

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