Trail Running Essentials

The unpredictable nature of trail running and the incredible vista that you take in makes it a beloved sport and a rapidly growing one at that. Before you head off for another glorious, picturesque trail run, make sure you cover all of your bases. Here’s a list of trail running essentials you should consider getting…

Trail Running Essentials


Opt for a good trail running shoe that is minimalist and discourages heel-striking so that you exhibit good trail running form. They should be tough and be great at absorbing shock. These shoes need to quick drying, not collect unnecessary debris and exhibit excellent traction. In fact check out the all-new range of men’s inov-8 trail running shoes as they exhibit all those traits.

Trail Running Socks

Choose a sock that is trail running specific and protects your ankles, fast drying and very breathable. Most importantly, it has to be comfortable and it should not promote chaffing.

Trail Running Gaiter

Sometimes, unwanted trail debris gets into your shoes as you are trail running which can be quite annoying and uncomfortable. A quick fix to this problem is a trail running gaiter. It fits over your sock and a sizeable portion of the shoe’s upper. It will keep out the unwanted debris and will save you a lot of discomfort. Ideally it should be moisture absorbent like the inov-8 Debris Gaiter 32.

Off-road Running Pants

Look for a good pair of off-road running pants that will minimise your scratches and they should be durable because of the common harsh elements that are presented by the trail and its environment. Check out these inov-8 Mistlite130 pants; they are lightweight, tough, windproof and water resistant.

Trail Running Shorts

If it is too hot and you don’t want to wear long pants, get a pair of good running shorts. They must be breathable and comfortable.

Running Jacket

Buy a good running jacket that will keep you protected from the elements when the need arises. It must be waterproof and lightweight and must not flap and mess with your coordination. Ideally it should have a pocket that can be secured.

Running Cap/Visor

If you are running on a hot day and especially if many unshaded areas constitute your route, make use of a running cap or visor.

Running Pack

Especially if you are going on a lengthy run, make sure you take a good running pack so that you can use it to keep your food and water, map, car keys, asthma pump (if asthmatic), etc. It should be stable and not sway unnecessarily.

GPS Enabled Watch

Apart from being able to keep track of time, a watch with a GPS function is a must, especially if you are trail running alone or on an unfamiliar trail. If you get lost, it can help you navigate back to safety. On that point, here are some great tips for trail runners which highlight this and other important tips.

Take note of these items and make an attempt to get them, so that when you hit the dirt, you know that you will be prepared for any situation that may be hurled at you.

What running essentials you cannot do without? Which of the items listed here do you use? 

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