Tips to Sleep Soundly on a Plane

The holidays are here. For many that means travelling and for most that means travelling by plane. Especially on long flights it is not uncommon to have difficulty when you are forced to sleep at 35 000 feet above land. You do not have to deprive yourself of some precious shut eye. Follow these fantastic tips to sleep soundly on a plane.

tips to sleep soundly on a plane

Get Up Earlier

On the morning of your flight make sure you wake up much earlier. Perhaps even have a good workout. The combination of waking up earlier and physical activity will enable you to fall asleep faster.

Choose Your Seat Wisely

If you are going to be on the flight for a very long time, make sure that you have chosen your seat wisely.  Avoid getting a seat that is closer to a toilet as the aisle may have a bit of foot traffic that is going to keep you up. An aisle seat will give you extra leg room, but a window seat will allow you to lean against the window – a great position to fall asleep.


Make a concerted effort to clear your mind and think about things that make you happy.  Try your best to let go of stress and/or anxiety. By worrying or stressing less you will find it easier to fall asleep so just kick back and relax.

Listen to Familiar Soothing Music

Carry your portable music player and load it with a playlist consisting of songs that you find soothing. It would be an added bonus if the songs chosen are associated with good memories.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Spending hours in a plane can get a bit much so you need to wear comfortable clothes. Wear something that is polite to the skin, roomy and breathable. Rather save those high crotch skinnys for the club (if you must).

Use a Travel Pillow

Invest in a good travel pillow. There is a wide variety of travel pillows that could make a huge difference to your sleep. They will render great cushioning and protection.

Try Earplugs/Noise Cancelling Headphones

As Murphy’s Law will have it, you may be situated near noisy kids or other ruckus passengers. Spare yourself the irritation (and possible jail time) and bring some earplugs or noise cancelling headphones. They will keep unwanted sounds out and help you get some much needed shut eye.

Consider a Sleeping Aid

If you ordinarily find it hard to fall asleep, you should look at taking a SAFE sedative. Many travellers opt for Melatonin – a fairly mild, natural sleep aid. However, make sure you speak to a medical professional before you take a sleep aid.

What other tips do you know off to sleep soundly on a plane?


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