Tips on Becoming a Better Coach

For any CrossFit, functional fitness or strength and conditioning coach, one of the most important things is to become the best coach possible. A coach who is well respected by his members and peers.

Tips on Becoming a Better Coach

Ultimately, as a coach you want to be known as someone who aims at being the best he/she could be – your aim should be to leave a legacy of coaching awesomeness. Here are some top tips on becoming a better coach which can definitely go a long way in creating your own coaching legacy.


This term is largely used in the CrossFit community and is all about focusing on the basics – doing the common uncommonly well. A great coach knows that moving well surpasses all else. Building a solid foundation of impeccable basic movement means that all else will grow from there. A good coach will know that continuously focussing and drilling on the basics, regardless of if someone has been with you for a few days or many years, means they will transfer that kind of thinking and applied movement to all the aspects of their training. People will progress more naturally, they’ll suffer less injury and overall they’ll reach their personal goals a lot sooner and in way better shape.

Learn Openly

Being caught up in one track methodologies is not going to get you anywhere fast. Knowledge is power, and taking the time to read, learn, try, test and adapt all options out there is the only way you can truly know for yourself what works and what doesn’t. Especially when you consider multi-modular training programs, like CrossFit, there is an endless pit of knowledge and experience you can gain. What will inevitably happen is that through your years of learning and coaching, you’ll closer become a coach with a unique style and knowledge. It’s perfectly normally to learn, imitate and to finally adapt your coaching into a style and knowledge unique to yourself and which others can use to learn for themselves too.

Get to Know Your People

At all stages of your personal coaching development, whether you’re just starting out or have an outstanding base of knowledge and ability, always make an effort to get to know your people. Your people are your members, private clients, your coaches and all of their stories. You know your own story, your struggles, your strengths, your weaknesses, but how much can you say the same of all the stakeholders in your (coaching) life? It’s important to know what they’re going through, good and bad, and to adapt yourself to their situations. Emotional and psychological state plays a huge role in peoples physical abilities, so know what’s happening.

See Potential

It’s important as a coach to see potential, build trust and then to create an atmosphere of success with each of your members. For any member, they have their own goals, whether health, aesthetic, athlete or all of them. As a coach you need to be able to take real notice of each members potential and to build a relationship of trust and to take them through their journey the best way possible. This also means that you need to see more than movements – it’s about truly connecting with your members. Some journeys may be simple and require less work, and others might be more challenging and require a lot more work. Make sure your members know that you want to help them reach their goals in the fastest, safest and best way possible. Help them realise their full potential and you’ll quickly be known for that quality.

Positive Vibes

This applies to all goals in life. To become successful, you need to have the right people surround you. As a coach who wants to become better, you need people who support your goals and who push you to continuously progress. Always looking to become better, no matter how challenging, is the only way to stay ahead. Complacency will only leave room to be left behind while everyone else catches up and eventually overtakes you. If you have a good mentor, other great coaches, even business mentors all of whom will open your mind to new ideas, methods and schools of thought, all of which who you can learn from, you will ultimately become better. Make sure that anyone in your support structure knows your goals and that they hold you accountable for your goals. Thank those who help you and always show humility.

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