Tips for Running in the Cold

It can be disconcerting when it’s cold outside and you want to still get out for a good run. By changing up your normal running routine with these great tips for running in the cold, you’ll soon master those cold conditions while maintaining your training goals…

Tips for Running in the Cold

#1 Find a Running Partner

Setting a date and time to run with someone else should influence you into not to wimping out, regardless of the cold. It’s a good motivator and having company during your run is also something which allows you to push each other, even in the cold.

#2 Gear Up

Keeping warm is a good idea, but ending up too hot and sweating a lot as a result won’t be a good idea. Important items like comfortable winter running socks and gloves, good comfortable running shoes (nothing like being sore and cold), wrags to keep your neck and face warm, a winter cap, and even a good jacket are all good ideas. Just remember to avoid over dressing, and wear several thin layers, which will trap the warm air, rather than heavy clumpy items. A SPIbelt is also a great product to use, which allows you to carry your keys, wallet and phone, safely and neatly hidden away.

#3 Get Noticed

Winter means less daylight time, and typically most runners will fit in a run before or after work, during the week – that means you need to be more aware of how visible you are to motorists. Make sure to wear something reflective or fluorescent… even wearing a headlamp is a good idea.

#4 Warm-Up Properly

The benefits of warming-up can’t be discounted, especially when it’s cold out and your muscles and joints are a lot colder. Avoid injury, strained muscles and joints by doing the right warming-up and use it as a great way for you to start your already run warm and comfortable.

#5 Be Ready for Your Return

When you’re done with your run, make sure you’ve got dry clothes to change into soon after; your sweaty cloths will quickly drop your body temperature. Make sure you also have something warm to drink afterwards, even if you kept a flask with something hot in it – it’ll help a lot with keeping you warm after the run.

#6 Work with the Wind

Start your run by running into the wind so that on your return you have the wind at your back, which will also avoid any sweat build-up from cooling you down a lot quicker. In very cold temperatures, that cold combined with your sweat is not a good mixture.

#7 Running Route

Choose a running route which is higher up (in altitude), because temperatures are generally warmer than low lying areas. In addition, run longer routes in broken-down and shorter loops, even if it means splitting your distance up and doing half in the morning and half that evening. It will make staying out in very cold temperatures more bearable, while maintaining your overall distance goals for that day.

#8 Stay Hydrated

Just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean you don’t need to be well hydrated; you will still lose plenty hydration through sweating. Read this great article on running and hydration to get a full view of staying hydrated the right way.

These tips for running in the cold can be a game changer, so adopt some good habits and keep yourself going when the weather seems dull…

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