Time to Go Off-Road

Trail running started growing intensely in the 90s and has seen a gradual increase in enthusiasts ever since, and for good reason. The alluring nature of trail running has grasped those who enjoy it so much so that these people even goes as far as to plan get-aways and business trips which will ensure they get to try out the most epic trails to explore and enjoy. The simple fact is, it’s time to go off-road!

off road running

The first and most obvious attraction to trail running is the fact that more often than not a trail run offers better scenic surrounding and the softer trails are a welcome variant from hard road surfaces and busy streets and sidewalks which road running offers.

A trail run makes you feel like you’ve escaped the rat race world we find ourselves in and you get to enjoy fresh air, natural surroundings, great views and less noise – the escapism factor is a larger factor to its success. We’ve also put together a great feature which highlighted five reasons for you to try trail running – give it a read.

Trail running also has an array of great gear from some of the world’s best sporting brands, which complements the sport and allows you to enjoy it that much more. Comfortable shoes, pants, tops and other accessories mean that the unpredictable terrain can be mastered easily and safely and that you can always be ready for anything while out on a run. If you need to get a great idea of trail running essentials, read this future which breaks down the gear you need for trail running.

The other side of trail running is that it’s not too difficult or hugely technical – anyone can do it and once you get into it, you’ll soon be hooked. Being aware of the terrain, wearing the correct gear and doing the correct prep is important to avoid injuries, and there are a only a few more pointers which can aid your trail run. We have another great feature which will help you with top tips for your trail run – it’s a must read for anyone trying out trail running.

Furthermore, there are great initiatives like parkrun South Africa which make the experience an even better one by organising free weekly timed runs in parkland surroundings. There are several great websites which promote the sport and the community of trail runners is an enthusiastic one, welcoming new comers and helping them get into the sport quickly and easily. Additionally, if you’re seeking the best trail running events in South Africa read our top events listing feature for the best options available.

There is a lot going on in the trail running scene and South Africa boasts a big community who ensure this sport is enjoyed by everyone and that it continues to grow. Makes sure you get out there and give it a try – the change of scenery is something that you’ll appreciate.

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