The Paleo Diet Explained – Infographic

One of the most popular and also controversial diets as of late has been the rise of the paleo diet. The concept is simply that the optimal diet is the one to which we are genetically adapted to, and advocates of this diet suggest that the paleo is the way forward. On the other hand, many that are against the paleo diet, say it has adverse effects and it’s not better than a controlled balanced and diet which includes many of the foods excluded from paleo.

However, what makes any diet a good one for you to consider is the one which you understand and the one which you try before you knock it. In this feature we share with you a great infographic on the paleo diet explained. Read it, understand it, try it if you want and let the results dictate to you what suits you best for your lifestyle and training goals. Just remember, there are plenty good diets out there and the one which suits you best will only be found if you try and test them.


Paleo Diet Explained Infographic

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