The Importance of ‘Me’ Time

If you are like most people, you probably lead a fast-paced lifestyle with a jam-packed schedule. To get ahead in life, we have to make large sacrifices and put in the hours and effort to reap the rewards. However, while that is essential, the importance of ‘me’ time must never be trivialised.


Life can often become very overwhelming and before you know it, you feel like the walls are closing in on you. Trying to fix problematic areas in your life or overcome challenges before making time for yourself is not ideal.

If you neglect yourself, you will never be as productive as you could be if you make allowance for ‘me’ time. We sometimes get so caught up in day-to-day occurrences that we forget that we are entitled to take a break. By speaking of ‘me’ time we are referring to allocating time for yourself, doing things (alone) that you enjoy. Taking this break will help your brain to recharge and you will feel energised to take on your daily grind once again.

A bit of stress is not detrimental as it drives you, but if it becomes a chronic issue this is problematic. When it all gets too much, this is the best time to opt for a much-needed time-out. Once your mind has been replenished, this is the best time to get back in there and tackle your challenges.

Taking your ‘me’ time break gives you the chance to reset your ability for self-control. The process restores the energy that has been expended as a result of the demands of daily life.

Spending time alone is also a fantastic way of getting in touch with yourself. It is not uncommon for people to lose themselves because they give too much – be it to their job or love interest. They get so engulfed in catering to the needs of the situation that they actually forget who they are.

Making time for yourself will help you to realign yourself with your goals, hopes and aspirations. It presents the perfect opportunity to engage in self-reflection. This allows you to evaluate the ‘here and now’ and lay a proper path to the ‘tomorrow’.

There can be severe consequences for not making ‘me’ time. In extreme cases it can affect your mental state, which could also eventually eat at your physical health. The bottom line is that ‘me’ time is a powerful elixir for the body mind and soul. No value can be bestowed upon the self – so make the effort to indulge in some ‘me’ time.


How often do you indulge in ‘me’ time?

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