The Dangers of Processed Foods

It’s hard to deny that processed foods are immensely popular. Many will attempt to justify their penchant for this type of food by saying that it is actually quite convenient and rather affordable. If you are a regular consumer though, you need to take heed of the dangers of processed foods.


There are many reasons to avoid processed foods. For starters, there is often a high sodium content. Sodium is normally used as a preservative or for flavouring purposes. This ingredient can be problematic because it potentially induces water retention in the body’s tissues. It could also lead to congestive heart disease. The additional water weight can cause problems with the proper functioning of different organs.

To further add to the toxic turmoil – these noxious delights are also laden with other chemical preservatives and additives. They are a major health risk because they aggravate allergies. Extreme cases can cause long-term health problems.

A lot of processed food contains MSG (Monosodium Glutumate). This is a chemical additive that should be avoided since it has been linked to a number of nasty ailments and symptoms. Specifically, it is a salt that is chemically converted into a flavour enhancer. MSG causes weight gain and obesity and an irrational hunger. Other symptoms that it causes are weird tingling sensations, dizzy spells, numbness, chest pain and more.

Yup, scary stuff. But wait… there is more. You don’t have to be the smartest kid on the block to determine that processed food has been made in a lab rather than derived from nature. Already that is not a good sign. Most processed foods are loaded with genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which can cause cancer, organ damage and various disorders. They can cause weight gain and acidify your blood. Still on the subject of GMOs, evidence has shown that they require pesticides and herbicides in order to grow efficiently.

And then we have the issue of processed foods hindering your digestion. They run riot on the digestive tract because all of their natural fibres, enzymes, vitamins, and other nutrients have been cut off. If you eat a lot processed foods, you are at risk of sending your internal ecosystem into disarray. Beneficial bacteria will become compromised and then your system becomes a lot more susceptible to infections.

The more processed foods that you are going to wolf down, the more you are going to be exposed to a very vicious cycle of elevated levels of blood sugars and insulin – increasing the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

We have not even covered all of the dangers of processed foods – there are so many more problems that it can induce. Yes, we will admit that processed foods have prompted significant convenience when it comes to making meal on the go but at what cost?

Rather opt for healthier fare such as these energy boosting foods. Making the effort to eat healthily could potentially add on years to your life. Consider that an investment in your health – probably the best investment that one could ever make.

How often do you eat processed foods? How do you feel after you have consumed them?




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