The Best Gear and Accessories for CrossFit

CrossFit has brought with it a need for CrossFit-style gear and accessories, and if you’re a CrossFitter looking to kit yourself out properly, here is all you need to know about ensuring you’re sorted with the best gear and accessories for CrossFit.


The Best Gear and Accessories for CrossFit

Generally, CrossFitters need few things to smash out a good workout – comfortable shoes, a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. However, like many things, once you start getting more committed to the sport, your needs grow and you start requiring a few specialised products to help you perform better. Here is a list of those recommended specialised products which you should consider:

Lightweight and Durable Fitness Shoes

Shoes are often a personal choice, in terms of style, comfort and function. The natural choice for CrossFitters, before any brands paid their way into that mind-set, has always been inov-8. The inov-8 F-LITE 195’s have always struck a chord with CrossFit athletes because of their natural soles (perfect for functional positions adopted in CrossFit), durability, comfort and lightweight nature.

Olympic Weightlifting Shoes

For any serious CrossFit athlete, Oly shoes are a must. Many brands have Olympic weightlifting shoes, but again inov-8 have come to the party by launching their inov-8 FASTLift Oly shoes, which are second to none. Read the review of these great shoes to understand why these are quite easily the best Oly shoes suited for CrossFit athletes.

Writs Wraps

These help support your wrists during workouts requiring any overhead lifts. The AMWRAP Wrist Support Straps from REBEL Elite Fitness are the best on the market, for sure.

A Speed Jump Rope

Double-unders, and soon enough, triple-unders, are a common occurrence in CrossFit workouts. Busting out double-unders with an old-school jump rope (those leather or plastic types) won’t cut it – what you need is a speed rope which allows you to focus purely on the movements and not on the gear which slows you down. The REBEL Enduromax 2.0 Jump Rope is easily the best rope you will find. It’s got a high-quality build, is supper fast and it comes at a great price. Read the review of it here.

Athletic Tape

Minor aches and pains are common in CrossFit. Having a stained calve, shoulder, etc., is something you will experience from time to time. Making sure you are taking care of such problems will ensure you recover faster and that you can carry on training without further injury. SPORTTAPE, a kinesiology tape, is one of the world’s best sport tapes and it’s coming to South Africa. It integrates with the body’s sensory system naturally to help you play harder and recover faster.

Massage Rollers

Using massage rollers is a great way to help with active recovery. The benefits are massive and the increased demand of these products by CrossFitters is a sure indicator of their effectiveness. The REBEL Rumble-Roller is a compact sized foam roller which has a grid-like design, to allow for targeted foam rolling, while the new REBEL Elite Fitness Massage Roller is very flexible and its innovative design allows you to get that much-needed contour around various muscles.

A Decent Kit Bag

No, not all kit bags are the same. Having a unique and purpose built kit bag is something which will just make training that much more hassle-free. Recently we reviewed the inov-8 Kit Bag, and its innovative inclusion of wet and dry compartments is amazing, easily the coolest kit bag for CrossFitters, ever!

Health Supplements

Performance supplements generally have a short-term goal of improving performance and/or body composition, however when we talk about health supplements, we’re talking about supplements which help with recovery, increase strength and performance and improve the immune system. For CrossFitters, PurePharma is the only choice – their Omega 3, Mineral 3 and Vitamin D3 is second to none. Read more about PurePharma and understand why you should start using their products, for life.


As initially mentioned, you don’t need much to do and enjoy CrossFit, but the above mentioned products, supplement CrossFit athletes in their performance and experience during workouts, and they are essentials for the more serious athletes. If you’re taking it a step further and you’re looking to kit out your home gym for CrossFit, then read this feature for some great tips.

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