The Best Box Rules

Every CrossFit box has its own personality, culture and vibe. It’s what makes people passionate about the one they train at and what differentiates each one from the next one. Although all CrossFit boxes are unique, there are still many similar rules which they typically all (should) stick to, and which definitely apply to you as a member or visiting member. The best box rules are listed below…


Some of the best box rules…

Don’t Be Late

Rocking up late for your session is not acceptable. It’s disruptive and rude.

Be Early

Make a point to rock up early to your session. Make time to work on mobility, your goats and to chat to newbies.

Listen To the Coach

If at first you don’t succeed try doing what your coach told you to do the first time.

You’re Not a Coach

Coaches know more than you. It’s their job to inform, instruct and coach. They’re there to ensure you move well and safely. If you decide to coach someone and they get hurt (worst case), then you’re doing the coach and the facility a disservice. AND YOU’RE NOT A COACH.

Ask the Coach

If you don’t know how to do a movement, just ask your coach. There is no need to invent a new movement because you’re too cool, proud or too shy to ask.

Respect the Coach

Not every coach will teach the same way. Respect them and stay open minded – you can always learn something new, whether it’s a new technique or just that saying something slightly differently gets a different reaction from people.

Don’t Be Disruptive

On the above point, don’t speak when the coach is taking a session, especially when he is explaining a movement. You might think you know it all, but there are others there who want to understand how to do something correctly, especially if they are new.

Embrace the Suck

We’ve all started at the bottom and it’s ok to walk away from almost every WOD for the first couple of months wondering well the hell just happened.

Don’t Be a Chalk Whore

Chalk should be used sparingly. Don’t overdo it, leaving a dust cloud and a trail of powder in your wake.

Stop Moving the Chalk

Leave the chalk where it is accessible to everyone during the workout. You’re not so special that it belongs next to you, even if you use it so much that you look like a snowman afterwards.

Clean Up Your Mess

Pack away your equipment in the right place and the correct way after use. A CrossFit box is not a globo gym. If you use it, you pack it away properly.

Respect Personal Space

WODs are tough as it is without having someone stand uncomfortably close when you’re thrashing around weights. It’s unsafe and uncomfortable – especially if a barbell lands on you.

Respect the Equipment

Equipment is expensive! If you can lift it, you can lower it down decently. Abusing equipment by dumping it intentionally, or ghost riding it, during use or leaving barbells loaded on the racks is not acceptable – it damages the equipment.

Technique First

Technique and moving well precedes everything else. Get the basics right, master them and do the same for all movements before your ego tells you to move heavy weights first. It works like this: technique > consistency > intensity.

Respect Injuries

If you’re injured, get checked out by a professional. If you are told not to train, don’t train. If you can, but must be restrictive, ask your coach to help modify movements to avoid aggravating injuries.

Leave You Ego Behind

No one likes an egomaniac. It’s ok to have talent and to use it, but walking around like you’re Rich Froning is just embarrassing. Just remember, there is always someone better than you, and your big ego will likely get you injured.

Wipe It Up

Bring you towel and wipe up any sweat, blood, spilled water and chalk dust you’ve left behind on the equipment or floor.

Don’t Cheat

You will get caught out and people will label you or call you out soon enough. Work harder to get through it properly and you will get better. If you don’t see results like everyone, then you’ll know why and so will everyone else.

Don’t Take Other People’s Stuff

If it’s not yours, even if you’re not 100% sure if it’s yours, then don’t take it! People often leave their gear behind, but that’s a reason to add to you gear collection. And for those who always leave their stuff behind, if you don’t collect it, consider it donated to charity.

Don’t Use Other People’s Equipment

You come back from your run during Helen and you think it’s okay to grab the first kettlebell you see – nope, it’s not okay. Use the equipment you set out for yourself and the space you have available for you. Just don’t be that guy.

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  1. Simon Read says:

    Although Crossfit continues to surprise me with the variety of excercises on offer, I have never once considered arriving early and working on a goat. I don’t have any goats. 😉 Nice article.

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