The Benefits of Minimalist Shoes

Minimalist shoes have become all the rage in the world of running. Many members of the road running and trail running community from around the globe have embraced this ingenious running shoe and opened their eyes to the numerous advantages that it presents. Minimalist shoes have a zero drop from the heel to the toe and simulate barefoot running. Even the CrossFit community has opted for the minimalist approach.

The Benefits of Minimalist Shoes

Regardless of whether you are road running, trail running or even an ardent CrossFitter, minimalist shoes are the way to go. Have a look at the incredible benefits of minimalist shoes:

Your feet begin to develop a more efficient stride as a result of it receiving more significant sensory information. An efficient stride lessens your chances of injury.

They are a lot more enjoyable to wear because of the extreme comfort that they exude. Running in these shoes feels like you are running barefoot, but your feet are still adequately protected.

As minimalist shoes don’t have a heel to toe drop, it promotes an increase in stretch/release of calves as well as your Achilles Tendons.

Minimalist shoes encourage you to make use of the smaller muscle structures of the foot, which strengthens the foot in the long run (no pun intended).

By wearing less on your feet it strengthens the muscles. Other parts of the body adapt (core, leg and ankle) and gets stronger.

Minimalist shoes do not have unnecessary cushioning, which enhances your proprioception – sensitivity of the body and its parts.

Heel-striking (when your heel hits the ground earlier) is reduced dramatically as a result of the lack of the drop from heel to toes. Many running injuries can be attributed to heel-striking.

Still on the issue of heel-striking, it actually hinders your forward movement. By running in minimalist shoes you eliminate that glitch and you conserve valuable energy.

You can potentially run faster and further in them as a result of their lightweight nature.

Since minimalist shoes shed themself of the unnecessary cushioning, which conventional running shoes are known for, they encourage runners to utilise better form, which also prevents running injuries.

Minimalist shoes are ideal for functional fitness, as seen with CrossFit. As they are lightweight, they will not slow you down, especially when it comes to exercises that require explosiveness. inov-8 shoes are the best of the best when it comes to shoes for functional fitness and CrossFit!

The zero drop from heel to toe will give you better stability which is a godsend for CrossFitters. The added stability aids you especially when you are performing exercises that require you to lift heavy weights (e.g. Olympic Weightlifting).


So there it is… minimalist shoes are here to stay. It is an obvious evolution in running and training gear that has sparked a new running movement. Be sure to join this revolution and keep ahead of the times. For superior minimalist shoes, have a look at the incredible inov-8 ranges.


Do you wear minimalist shoes? What do you see as the biggest advantage of training in and using minimalist shoes? Have you noticed a difference?

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  1. Seagyn Davis says:

    If you’re making a move from a shoe which is not very close to a minimalist shoe to one of inov-8’s, should there be a slow transition to prevent injury or can you move instantly across?

    • Rise To It says:

      Hi Seagyn

      Going with a “minimalist” shoe that allows for somewhat of a transition is probably best. For example, Inov-8 shoes have from 3 “arrows” to 0 “arrows” – which shows differential (height difference) from heel to toe. Start with a 3 arrows, or even a 2 arrow, and make your way to 0 arrow, if that suits your running style. A lot of runners are happy staying with 2 arrow, for example.

      Look at popular Inov-8’s, like the F-LITE 195’s to start with.

      • Seagyn Davis says:

        Thanks for the feedback. I’ve had a look at the shoes and also chatted to someone who knows a lot about your range.

        Looks like I’m going with either the F-LITE 232/252 shoe to start with!

        Thanks a lot!

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