The Benefits of Kettlebell Training

Even though kettlebells have been around for a long time, it is only over the past several years that these weights have emerged as a prominent fixture in the functional fitness stratosphere. The benefits of kettlebell training are undeniable and correct usage will work wonders for your functional fitness attributes.


These cannonball-shaped weights epitomise the definition of functional fitness. You can use them to enhance virtually any trait needed for any sport. This is done by implementing kettlebell workouts, which utilise muscles and similar movements required for a specific sport. The beauty of kettlebell exercises is that they are only restricted to the imagination and a little functional-fitness know-how.

Working out with kettlebells gives you fantastic grip strength. Strong hands will enable you to handle heavier loads and even more receptions. The kettlebell trumps the dumbbell because of its unique shape. The thick curved handle is situated at the top of the kettlebell, requiring a greater effort to move this essential training tool. Essentially, it will force you to work harder, to work your entire body and to strengthen your core. The extra muscle activity is going to help you burn more calories and increase your muscle mass.

The versatility of kettlebells is also fantastic. Firstly, they provide a very effective spin on traditional exercises like presses. In addition, they can be used for specific functional goals. While you can make use of various kettlebells of differing weights for your training session, you can also have a fantastic workout with just one kettlebell.

Training with kettlebells gives you a wider range of motion – which generously enhances your athletic ability. The offsetting weight of the ball forces you to utilise more muscles to stabilise the weight and allows for it to follow a wider range of motion. The wider range of motion also improves flexibility and bolsters stabilising muscles.

Kettlebells are also very convenient. They can be used anywhere, do not occupy a lot of space and are highly portable. And if time constraints are a factor for you, kettlebells are the solution. Because of their efficiency, you can get a fantastic workout in a much shorter time than working out with more traditional gym equipment.

Proper usage will give you great strength and boost your conditioning. Kettlebells will also decrease your chances of injury. They strengthen your tendons and ligaments, thereby making the joints tougher and less susceptible to picking up training-induced injuries.

They are the ultimate body sculptor and will get you looking like a million bucks. Kettlebells are a functional-fitness elixir. If you don’t already, start working out with them and find out for yourself. On a quick note if you are looking for some high quality kettlebells, you can buy them from REBEL Elite Fitness.

Do you work out with kettlebells? If so, what is your favourite kettlebell exercise?

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