The All-New Range of Women’s inov-8 Functional Fitness Shoes

If you do any functional fitness training, like CrossFit, your shoes can make a huge difference in your performance and can even help avoid injury. For the best functional fitness shoes, which offer maximum comfort too, you can’t go wrong with inov-8’s new range! Here is what was recently launched…


          • BARE-XFT 177

Designed specifically for functional fitness, the absence of a differential (from heel to forefoot) and midsole creates an authentic barefoot feel. The one piece TPU lacing support provides durability on the shoe when climbing ropes. A 3mm sticky rubber outsole offers a stable platform for performance when running or lifting weights. This is a female specific fit shoe.

F-LITE 249


This is the entry point to the new female natural F-LITE range; the 249 delivers all the classic F-LITE benefits, but with a wider forefoot. The wider fit allows toe splay for the forefoot striker as well as for the constant pressure from lifting heavy weights – a great all-round functional fitness performer.

F-LITE 215


It has a performance fit with a 6mm differential, ideal for weightlifting and running on hard pack terrain. Reinforced medial and lateral sections increase protection for climbing ropes. A large contact area sole design enables good grip and stability when running or exercising. This is also a female specific fit shoe.


inov-8 has something for everybody. The inov-8 women’s range of shoes is the best that minimalist footwear has to offer (check out our article on The Benefits of Minimalist Shoes here), so be sure to go with inov-8 for best results and maximum comfort.


Which pair of inov-8s, from the list above, appeals to you the most? Do you already own a pair of inov-8s and how was your experience with them?

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  1. Fiona Benn says:

    In the past 2 years I have lost 35kg – the right way, through diet and gym! After being completely inactive, unfit and overweight, I completed my first Trail Run last year (9km) and came 2nd. I have built up to doing 15-18km trail runs now and am completely addicted! What an amazing way to connect with nature and yourself, while improving fitness and general well-being. I do not have trail running shoes yet and after researching all available brands on the market have decided on INOV-8, as I believe they are the closest thing to running barefoot and they are gorgeous! It would be amazing to win your stunning hamper and would make me a very happy (and trendy) trail runner!

    • Rise To It says:

      That is amazing stuff. Trail running has got to be one of the funnest ways to training, getting your mind clear and connecting with the elements.

      Inov-8 shoes are certainly the way forward. Good luck with our competition…

  2. I’m new to trial running and bought my 1st pair of Inov8 shoes (Trialroc 246) and they are soooo comfortable, don’t think I will soon be looking at another brand! Great shoes!

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