Ten of the Best Running Apps

With the constant breakthroughs in sports technology, it is important that you take full advantage of it to help progress faster and to further your level of skill in your sport of choice.

Running for example is an excellent sport that has numerous benefits. Make sure that you are getting the most out of your running training by using these awesome running apps…

#1 Zombies, Run! (iPhone, Android)

Zombie Run  (1)
Even if you are a bit of a lazy bugger, the sight of a zombie will make you run with the same enthusiasm of the Texas Road Runner. Zombies, Run! is a fun adventure game that requires you to run away from imaginary zombies. The app will instruct you about what to do, and when you slow down you face impending doom and vice versa.

 #2 Cruise Control Run (iPhone)

Cruise Control

Cruise Control Run is another fun running app that adjusts your music in real time so that you stay on track of your required pace and heart rate. Every beat of every playlist song is synchronized to footfalls. The four modes (Free Run, Pace, Heart Rate, Cadence) will help you make large strides in your running progression.

#3 WalkJogRun Running Routes (iPhone, Android)


In lieu of our terrific article on how to choose a running route, have a look at the the WalkJogRun Running Routes app. It helps you find running routes that are categorized by distance. Whether you want a change of scenery, if you are unfamiliar with a certain route or you are looking for a safe route, this is the app for you.

#4 Runkeeper (Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile)

Run Keeper

One of the more popular running apps, Runkeeper is highly efficient and thankfully free. Use Runkeeper to track your workouts, speed, distance, calories burnt, etc. It also lets you share information on social media.

#5 iRaceMe (iPhone)


Whether you are a loner or somebody who does not have a regular running group, iRaceMe is the perfect running app for you to keep motivated. You can record your route, distance and time, and try to better your stats, each workout as well as track your progress. You basically compete against yourself.

#6 Easy 5K with Jeff Galloway (iPhone)

Easy 5K with Jeff Galloway

Thanks to this brilliant running app, you can make use of legendary Olympic runner, Jeff Galloway’s training methods. It is perfect for all runners, from the couch potato who is looking to shed the extra weight to even the seasoned runner. Tempo of music is also synched with your running pace.

#7 Endomondo (Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile)


Detailed exercise tracking makes Edomondo a brilliant running aid. Visual updates during your workouts also keeps your training exciting. Keep abreast of your friend’s activities, monitor your progress and also see how you stack up against personal bests on the app, as well as the homepage. It also lets you tag photos and videos on your favourite routes.

#8 MapMyRun (Android, iPhone)


As the name suggests, use this app to map out your running route, with its standout features including GPS tracking, timekeeping, activity diary functionality and a whole lot more. MapMyRun can also monitor your nutrition as well as your weight. It is big on social integration and it will show you the elite runners on its base.

#9 iSmoothRun (iPhone)


iSmoothRun passes with flying colours when it comes to functionality and practicality. It offers heart rate based training support for all popular sensors. You can also post your activities to different tracking sites. Cadence tracking, as well as treadmill tracking makes iSmoothRun very effective for your training. Also receive audio feedback for various areas of training, and it can be used to track your running stats as well.

#10 Interval Run (iPhone)

Interval Run

If you are looking to shake up your usual running training, it is best that you go with the Interval Run app. It is excellent for interval training and offers a variety of training plans which include Tabata, Couch to 5K, Gateway to 8K and One Hour Program. Intervals can be adjusted and vocal feedback is received in real time. If you are looking for great advice on interval training, check out our article on (high-intensity) interval training for running.

Making use of these running apps with diligence will definitely pay dividends. They are an added boost to take your training to the next level.

Do you use any running apps? If so, which one(s)?

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