Stubby 5kg Bumper Plate Review

One of the most annoying things to happen to bumper plates is when they wobble or bend during use, and then deteriorate and get damaged as a result.

Unfortunately, the bumper plates which suffer most from this are the lighter and thinner bumper plates, and none more so than the 5kg bumper plates, which are typically are the thinnest. That was until REBEL Elite Fitness recently introduced their innovatively designed Stubby 5kg Bumper Plate!

Stubby 5kg Bumper Plate (1)

Firstly, their Black Rubber Bumper Plates are the most commonly purchased Olympic bumper plates due to their combination of great price and exceptional durability. They are designed to stand up to daily abuse and are ideal for home gyms, CrossFit boxes and functional fitness facilities.

The Stubby 5kg Bumper Plate, which is newly added, features a smaller 365mm diameter than normal bumper plates and the rest of the range, which are 450mm. The idea was to make them thicker and wider than traditional 5kg bumper plates, which experience that annoying bending, wobbling and then breaking over time as a result. These have a width of 37mm instead of the typical 27mm for 5kg bumper plates – making them a lot more durable.

Stubby 5kg Bumper Plate (2)

Along with the rest of the range of these bumper plates (10kg, 15kg, 20klg and 25kg), the heavy-duty, odourless, and high-quality rubber compound allows these bumper plates to be used for all forms of Olympic weightlifting, Powerlifting, CrossFit WoDs and all high-rep workouts, comfortably allowing them to be dumped without concern of damage or excessive and unsafe bounce. The low bounce also means less noise and less damage to floors and platforms. The durable stainless steel insert offers a snug fit onto the bar, ensuring they don’t move unreasonably.

If you need to buy quality bumper plates, and especially if you’re looking for a long lasting 5kg bumper plate, then go online here to view more and order yours today.

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