When you have an injury and train without taking certain precautionary measures, your injury not only gets worse, but your level of performance also drops. In such cases, SPORTTAPE will make quite a few wrongs right …


For those of you who are not privy to this incredible product, SPORTTAPE was created in the UK from a wealth of experience in the kinesiology tape realm (producing tape for the world’s finest athletes). This product was basically designed to imitate your skin as it naturally gels with the body’s sensory system. This then gives you that extra bit of help to go harder in training and even recover a lot faster.

The difference between SPORTTAPE and normal tape strapping is that SPORTTAPE still supports and alleviates aches and pains without compromising blood flow or even restricting muscles and joints. This range of kinesiology rolls is exactly what you need to ‘train insane’ and push past what you have deemed as your physical limitations.

The beauty of SPORTTAPE resides in the fact that it renders you the perfect path to training smart and it will help you to treat an array of ailments such as Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, jumper’s knee (PFS), ACL/MCL issues, rotator cuff, groin and hamstring pulls, lower back issues, shin splints, tennis and golf elbow, and more.  

The tape provides fantastic sensory feedback and flexible support and can be worn up to a week at a time. It is very comfortable as it made from mostly cotton and a hint of lycra.

Especially when it comes to very demanding training such as function fitness workouts and Olympic weightlifting, SPORTTAPE is a must. Miraculous in nature, you will be pleasantly surprised with the results that SPORTTAPE produces. SPORTTAPE is available online here.

When you are injured, do you ever strap the affected area? If so, what do you use?

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    Thanks for the review! Glad you liked the tape. If you have any Q’s just let us know.

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