SPORTTAPE Multipack Pouches Review

Kinesiology tape is fast becoming an important tool for recovery and stability for athletes from all spheres of the sporting world. We look at one of the world’s leading kinesiology tapes, SPORTTAPE and the useful Multipack Pouches.


SPORTTAPE has become the kinesiology tape of choice for many of the world’s leading practitioners; it is used by everyone from elite team physios to weekend warriors. What’s great is that they use an Extra Sticky formula, which means it stays in place throughout the harshest conditions. Suitable for the treatment of most common sports injuries, like runner’s knee, calf pain, groin strain, tennis elbow and assisting performance in general.

SPORTTAPE is a dynamic multi-functional tape that, depending on the application, can help aid recovery, assist performance and prevent injury. It is the perfect choice if you want to stay in the game, allowing you to play hard and recover faster.

The SPORTTAPE Multipack Pouches have four pre-cut ‘Extra Sticky’ strips along with an easy to follow user guide in each pouch. The idea with these pre-cut strips is that they are suitable for targeting common problematic and specific joints or muscles. There is no cutting required, which makes them the easiest solution for taping up, allowing you to get back in the game quicker.

This product is ideal for self-application and treatment of most common sports injuries. It’s a high quality product delivering great results and it comes at a great price. You can also purchase a SPORTTAPE Multipack Box of 20, which has 20 individual pouches to get a reduced rate.

The SPORTTAPE Multipack Pouches come in several colours; pink, blue, black, and red. You can order your online here.

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