Sports Motivation 101 – How to Stay Motivated (Part 2 of 2)

In this two-part feature, we delve into the very important topic of how to maintain your motivation in sports.

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This is the second article, so make sure you’ve read Sports Motivation 101 – How to Stay Motivated (Part 1 of 2) to get our full view on how to best keep yourself motivated.

Here is how you stay motivated (continued)…

Choose Who You Train With

Be wary of who you choose to train with. While they are not there to give you a false sense of security and baby you, they should still be able to encourage and motivate you as well point out your rights and wrongs. Steer clear from constant complainers as negativity is sometimes contagious.

Track Your Progress

Keep a diary of your training schedule. Your diary should include workouts, results, objectives/goals and even tips and revelations. This is an awesome way to monitor your progress and assess if you are going about things the right way. There are many running and CrossFit Apps which can aid in documenting and tracking your results and notes.

Mix It Up

Sometimes athletes have a tendency to get bored with their training routine, so it is important to mix up your workouts (much like CrossFit programming) or better still, throw in a complimentary exercise that will enhance a skill needed for your specific sport. For example, rock climbing is brilliant for Functional Fitness because of the incredible tendon and grip strength that it develops.

Stick to Your Schedule

Train even on the days that you do not feel up to it. This will condition your body and mind to accept training as part of routine and something natural as opposed to just a task that you are forced to do. When you push through the point of not feeling up to it and still train, you are actually strengthening your mental conditioning. This is a double-edged sword as stronger mental conditioning will enhance your performance which in turn enhances your mental conditioning and so on.


Your diet will also play a vital role with regards to your mental preparation. If you are practicing good nutrition, you will feel more energized which in turn helps up your motivation (in fact, check out this great piece on ten energy boosting foods you should be eating). A bad diet will make you feel lethargic and sluggish, which in turn will diminish your will to train and persevere.


Everybody has it in them to muster that motivation – you just have to dig deep. A motivated athlete is a winning athlete or at worst case, an athlete who almost always performs at their best.


Do you have any particular methods that you use to get motivated for training or competition? What else works for you?

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