Sports Motivation 101 – How to Stay Motivated (Part 1 of 2)

Firstly, we have previously posted the best running motivational videos as well as the best functional fitness and CrossFit motivational videos – make sure to check them out! In this two-part feature, we delve into the very important topic of how to maintain your motivation in sports.

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The importance of sports motivation is sometimes overlooked by athletes and coaches, which can be a fatal flaw. By motivation we are referring to maintaining your drive to achieve your goals. Sports are as much a mental game as it is a physical task.

Too often we see athletes not performing to their full potential because they lack motivation. That lack of motivation can directly impact on your results, your fitness, well-being and even mental health. Bottom line is that for optimal results in your sport of choice, sports motivation is a must! So, here is how you stay motivated…

Start Right

Set your alarm to play a recorded message with something that has gumption or oomph. For example, you can have something along the lines of, “Time to get up and hustle because hustle makes muscle!” Yes that sounds a little cheesy, but the message is preferential and pertains to what resonates with you. Now that you got out of bed, you need to spend at least 15 minutes focusing, having some quiet time, gathering your thoughts, and visualising.


Perhaps you are entering a race or a CrossFit event. Visualise yourself taking first place and performing exceptionally well. Take note of how it feels when you are being cheered by your peers and you have taken podium position. That is a great way to set the tone for the rest of the proceedings of the day.

Start Early and Listen to Good Tunes

Try to begin your workout as early as possible as we are generally at our strongest in the morning. In that regard we will be able to give off a bigger effort. Before your workout, make sure you listen to something that gets you psyched up. Once again, whether it’s a classic by Tchaikovsky or a club-banger by Skrillex, it’s up to you – as long as it lights a fire under you, go with it.


Make the time to watch a movie or a scene that inspires you and gets your drive going. It is entirely up to you on what you decide. This classic scene with Rocky Balboa running up the stairs of the Philadelphia Art Museum during training for his bout with his former nemesis Apollo, springs to mind. Don’t underestimate the power of watching an inspirational movie scene. It definitely has the power to get you in the zone.

Think of a Mantra

It is a good idea to also think of a mantra to chant before, during and even after training. Your mantra should be words of encouragement – it can actually psych you up to push through a difficult workout and more.

Fuel Your Competitive Instinct

Make the effort to train with people who are better than you (or at least push you in practice) – do not let ego get in your way. By training with superior athletes, it helps fuel your competitive instinct. You are forced to bring your A-game because of their level which in turn will improve your overall game.


Everybody has it in them to muster that motivation – you just have to dig deep. A motivated athlete is a winning athlete or at worst case, an athlete who almost always performs at their best. Don’t miss Part 2 of Sports Motivation 101 – How to Stay Motivated, coming next week!


Do you have any particular methods that you use to get motivated for training or competition? What else works for you?

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