SPIbelt – The Original Small Personal Item Belt

As a runner, you’re often faced with the dilemma of what to do with your car keys, wallet, cell phone, energy gels, etc. Thankfully, now there’s the SPIbelt – the original small personal item belt.

SPIBelt original (2)

The original SPIbelt is a sleek elasticated belt with a stretchable stocking-type zip-up pouch which allows you to put personal items in when you head out on a run or walk. You can fit almost anything small in it, like your car keys, wallet, cell phone, iPod, energy gels, credit cards, etc. It’s also a great travel belt, allowing you to safely and secretly keep small valuables and money safely tucked away.

What’s great about the original SPIbelt is that is does not bounce or feel bulky and it’s adjustable, so even if your waist size changes, you can still use the same SPIbelt. It comes in a variety of colours and designs – this one feature being the SPIbelt Original.

Although we’ve featured the original SPIbelt in this review, there are a host of SPIbelt variations and products, which include those for kids, those that are waterproof, and so on. We‘ll review them soon, so keep checking back for more.

To order a SPIbelt contact REBEL Elite Fitness and they’ll gladly help out with product queries and orders.


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