Smart Foods for Runners

We previously spoke about energy boosting food; now let’s have a look at some smart foods for runners. Running requires a significant amount of endurance, so be wary of the type of food that you consume. You could unwittingly be eating food that is affecting your running performance. Rather add these smart foods for runners to your diet and reap the rewards of eating smart.



Easily accessible and simple to prepare, eggs are a valuable protein source. They contain essential amino acids that aid the body with recovery. They also contain vitamin K which helps bones to stay healthy and strong.


Here is another great-tasting treat, Berries are highly nutritious and they have an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients – great for health and well-being, as well as performance.


The sworn enemy of kids worldwide is actually fantastic for runners. It is crammed with potassium, which helps you with muscle recovery and muscle growth. It also has contains both calcium and vitamin K. Both of these nutrients promote healthy bones. It also contains vitamin C which bolsters your immune system.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are crammed with antioxidants and are a substantial source of vitamin C, potassium, iron, and the two trace minerals manganese and copper. A few runners have issues with satisfying their manganese and copper requirements. This can affect performance.


As running is a pretty taxing activity, runners need more protein than others to assist with the muscle-rebuilding process and recovery – especially after a blistering session. Chicken is an excellent protein source which also has niacin. This is actually a B vitamin – useful for regulating fat-burning when you run.


Tomatoes are laced with vitamins and minerals, which are highly beneficial to runners. An added plus is they provide great flavour without packing on the calories, so you can stay at an ideal weight without feeling deprived. They also contain the effective nutrient lycopene, which helps to reduce the risk of macular degeneration and certain cancers.


Ostrich is a rather high protein and is packed with a great amount of nutrients that are essential for runners as well as general health and well-being. It also contains a sizable quantity of iron, which is important for muscle function and recovery.


What other foods do you think should make this list?

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