Sleep Myths Debunked

Sleep is such natural thing and has been around forever. We love it – it rejuvenates us and we cannot do without it. It stacks right up there alongside eating and breathing. You would think that we would have a better handle on the facts and fallacies surrounding sleep. There are too many sleep myths that many take as gospel. Read on as we debunk some popular sleep myths.


You cannot sleep enough

Too much of a good thing can be bad for you. There is such a thing as oversleeping. Some studies have shown that consistently sleeping for ten hours or longer causes you to be at risk of various health problems. In fact oversleeping has been linked to headaches, backache, early Alzheimer’s and more.

Beauty sleep is not real

When you don’t sleep your face looks more weathered and your eyes are dead giveaways for lack of sleep. Getting sufficient sleep leaves you looking your best and well rested. A study in Sweden showed that participants rated photos of the most well-rested people as the most attractive.

If you can’t fall asleep, lie in bed until you do

Everybody at some point has had a problem trying to fall asleep. They lie in bed and just hope that sleep soon kicks in. Unfortunately they only fall asleep much later or sometimes they even spend the whole night awake. If you are having a hard time to fall asleep it is better if you get out of bed and try to do something else. Half an hour of doing something else (something mellow) and a change of environment will help your need for sleep to kick in.

Snoring is harmless

While many believe this, it is not true. The vibrations that occur in the soft tissue of your airways during snoring can cause swelling over a period of time. This swelling can cause the airway passages to become narrower, making it harder for sufficient oxygen to pass through. When you are not getting enough oxygen you will wake up and almost immediately go back to sleep. This pattern of going from being wake to asleep to awake to asleep puts stress on the body.

Alcohol is great for a good night’s rest

Having a drink or two generally helps you nod off fairly quickly. Unfortunately it weakens the quality of your sleep. As the body processes the alcohol, it kicks in as a stimulant and disrupts your quality of sleep. It is very likely that you will wake up later that night and have difficulty falling back to sleep.

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