Seven So-called Health Foods

Typically, walk into many a health shop and you will find a wide range of foods that are supposed to be healthy and highly nutritional for us. Unfortunately a lot of those products are actually not ideal for us and anything but nutritious. We take a look at seven so-called health foods.

Fruit Juices

fruit juice

Most readily available fruit juices are just well packaged products that conceal its real value – that being minimal or none. Many fruit juices that claim to be 100% pure, but actually have little genuine fruit juice and it has been blended with sugar, water and artificial flavour. Even pure fruit juice is not as nutritious as you may deem it to be. As the fibre has been removed, as well as a lot of its nutritional goodness, you are therefore taking in a lot of sugar.

Whole Wheat Bread


As kids, Mom often told us that whole wheat bread is the way to go. As we previously mentioned in The Dangers of Modern Wheat, gluten is highly prevalent in wheat. It causes inflammation, punctures the gut, and exposes the body to a host of illnesses. Whole wheat may be a bit healthier than refined wheat however it still contains gluten. Some studies have also shown that you can become Vitamin D deficient through wheat intake.

Low-Fat or Fat-Free Foods


Historically we were told to avoid foods with fat as they are harmful. This later proved to be a bunch of malarkey. Bottom line is fats are good for you.  Steer clear from low-fat or fat-free foods as they are actually harmful. These products have the beneficial fat removed or reduced and they are often injected with harmful chemicals and other products.

Energy Bars


These bars are supposed to put more pep in your step and give you bursts of energy or even help with weight loss. They are actually horrible for you as they also contain certain non-beneficial, artificial ingredients and a lot of sugar. Rather eat these energy boosting foods.

Diet Soft Drinks


This article would almost be incomplete without the inclusion of diet soft drinks. They are a firm favourite of many dieters however, they are an emphatic no-no. The problem with them is the artificial sugar alternatives that they contain. Since they are artificial, the body will have difficulty processing it and in some cases they can actually raise your insulin levels. Some artificial sweeteners can cause havoc within the body’s ability to efficiently regulate calorie intake.



The heralded brekkie favourite is not the angelic food that many of us deem it to be. Unless it tastes terrible, it’s probably been loaded with sugar and some hard to digest ingredients. This creates good conditions for harmful sugar-seeking bacteria to prevail.

Rice Cakes


There’s bad news for those of you who eat rice cakes with the expectation of it being nutritious. It’s bad enough that they taste like cardboard, but they are also far from healthy. They often have a low calorie content but just as often, they have a very high glycaemic index which can disrupt your blood sugar levels.

How many of these foods do you eat? What other so-called health foods can you list?

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