Self-Massage Basics

Too many people are guilty of not warming-up, working on mobility or stretching, before and after training. The unfortunate result of not doing this is muscle and joint niggles, pains, excessive stiffness and the real threat of injuries. However, by understanding some self-massage basics you’ll better avoid these issues. Rebel Elite Fitness Wooden Jerk Blocks Regardless of any excuses, warming up, working on mobility and stretching is quick, easy and it leaves you feeling great afterwards. Not only does doing this have preventative benefits, but it bolsters performance – and by performance, we’re talking about increased mobility, flexibility, recovery rates and then of course better accomplishments in your choice of sport. Here are some great tips for self-massage basics… Firstly, understand the difference between warming-up and stretching. They have different objectives and they benefit you in different ways. Dedicate more time to pre-workout warm-ups and mobility. Spend at least 10 minutes before a workout-up focussing on the muscles groups and joints which you’ll use in the workout. Using various tools (listed below) will help tremendously with this. The more time you spend doing this, the better. In fact, don’t just focus on doing mobility before a workout, doing it as a form of active recovery on days off and during non-training time for 30 minutes or more is essential. After workouts make an effort to cool-down properly. Take a short jog (couple hundred meters) or do a low-intensity short row (maybe 300-500 metres). After something on those lines, spend time stretching out the same muscle groups and joints you used the main work-out. Again, spend as much time on this as possible, but at least 10 minutes will do the trick. Doing mobility work and stretching outside of normal training is also a great idea, and coupling it with active recovery will help make the experience more productive. Finally, ensure you use the right types of mobility and recovery tools to help with your self-massage basics. Using quality products will help target the right areas and will ensure the best results. Here is a short list of the best products available to you (click the names of each to read our review of them)…

Rumble Roller Grid Foam Roller

REBEL-Rumble-Roller-Grid-type Also read this great article on the benefits of a foam roller.

Massage Roller Stick


Massage Ball


Recovery Trigger Kit



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