You Know You’re a Runner When…

We run because we can and because we love it! Runners are connected by having an affinity for putting those miles under our heels and we share a quite few traits. You know you’re a runner when…



Listening to a song from your running playlist immediately sets you off and makes you want to drop everything and set off for a run, no matter where you are.


You would rather wear sneakers than a fancy pair of dress shoes or stilettos.


Walking or running in the rain does not faze you.


You sometimes mistake side-walk cafés for refuel stations.


There is a fierce competition between your treadmill and car in terms of mileage.


You embrace spandex.


You think your missing toenail does not look bad.


One of your email addresses or social media handles has a running related word in it.


Your pedicurist’s face falls whenever you visit her.


Your watch is your most complex gadget.


Running uphill is a breeze compared to touching your toes.


You look at meals as energy reserves.


While driving, you mentally critique the form of runners on the road.


You have to sometimes relieve yourself in somewhat unconventional or peculiar places.


You suffer from separation anxiety when you don’t have your water bottle.


When you visit any area, you envision how it would serve as a running course.


You stop at the local café  more often to use the bathroom than to actually buy something.


You find spelling and pronouncing the word “plantar fasciitis” an extremely simple task.


When your friend takes the elevator, you race up the stairs to get to his stop before him.


You can change into your running clothes in a minute while sitting in your car seat.


“Chariots of Fire” is the theme song to your life.


Your running shorts are skimpier than a Nikki Minaj outfit.


Sunday morning hangovers have been replaced by Sunday morning runs.


In winter, you wear compression pants underneath your work clothes.

Any other quirky traits of a runner you would like to add?

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