Running Resolutions

As each year passes by we complete another chapter in our running journey and we discover different things about ourselves as runners – good and bad. Now is a good time to make some running resolutions that will influence you to be a better runner and person because of it. Here are some running resolutions you can add to your list.

running resolutions

#1 Pay More Attention to Form

Good running form is sometimes neglected. Make the effort to pay more attention and you will reap the benefits.

#2 Cross Train More

By cross training, you will avoid running plateaus and will boost your running efficiency immensely.

#3 Volunteer at a Race

The running community is a global family and an awesome one at that. Make the time to volunteer at a running event. It’s a good way to give back to the running community.

#4 Eat Clean

Your nutrition is a vital part of your ability as a runner. Wean yourself off junk food and opt for a healthy diet such the Paleo Diet.

#5 Stop Shortcutting Warming-Up

We know that a warm-up before a run is vital for number of reasons, but yet sometimes we shortcut it. Spare yourself the running injuries and warm-up properly.

#6 Run a Marathon

If you have been running for a while it would be an excellent idea to compete in a marathon. As a runner it is the perfect way to test yourself mentally and physically.

#7 Get Faster

Improving your running speed is definitely going to improve your all round running game. Here are some tips to help you.

#8 Try Trail Running

If you have never tried trail running, now would be a great time to start. There numerous benefits and it also compliments your road running skills.

#9 Beat Your Running PB

Looking to trump your running personal best is a fantastic way to get you motivated to train harder.

#10 Be Consistent

Like with anything, consistency is king. Training consistently will promote the physiological changes that are vital for you to perform well. Conversely, training inconsistently is going to stress the body and could potentially lead to injury.

What other running resolutions can you think off that should make this list?

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