Running Essentials – Running Gear You Need

What makes running so great is that you really don’t need much to get out there and enjoy it. Comfortable shoes, shorts and a shirt, and you’re good to go. However, there are still running essentials – running gear you need, if you want to take it a bit more seriously and take that enjoyment factor to a whole new level. Here’s a list of running essentials which we suggest to make that move to better running…

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The Right Running Shoes

If you want to avoid an uncomfortable run and potential injuries, then choosing the right shoes for you is vital. Minimalist shoes have fast become considered essential running shoes because they have a number of key benefits, like developing an efficient stride, are more comfortable, increase foot strength, enhance proprioception, and over all promotes better running form. Research which shoes will offer you the most benefits for you.

Comfortable Running Cloths

Heat saps your energy and can make a run really uncomfortable. If you wear shorts, pants, tops or jackets which are not suited to running, you could easily chafe, sweat more and even dehydrate quicker. Make sure you pick clothing items which are lightweight, are fast wicking and are built for comfort. We’ve looked at items suitable for colder weather like this jacket, or this one, and even these pants.

Proper Running Socks

Running socks make a huge difference. They are usually made from materials which wick sweat and moister away from your feet, avoiding slipping and shifting your feet inside your shoes. Proper running socks will also help avoid you from getting annoying blisters. A great brand of high-quality running socks, for all weather and running types is inov-8. Check them out, but ultimately choose socks which are suited to the type of run and weather conditions you’ll typically face.

Running Belt

As a runner you’ll often face the problem of where to keep your car keys, cell phone, energy gels, even an Epipen, etc. Using a quality small item holder which does not shift while running is a great product for runners to use – typically, they’re not packs, but rather running belts or small lightweight packs, like a moon bag. You won’t need to keep small items in your pockets, annoying you as they bounce around or even falling out during the run. The SPIbelt is the best small item running belt available, so check it out – it’s a proven product worth buying.

Running Pack for Long Runs

If you go on longer runs, be it trail, mountain or road runs, you’ll likely need to get yourself a quality lightweight running pack. These packs, which are like back packs, will allow you to store larger items, like jackets, pants or snacks, and most come with bladders to provide you with water while on the move. Again, have a look at what inov-8 have to offer – they have high-quality packs which are specialized for runners, come in varying sizes and are all very lightweight.

A Sports Watch

A sports watch with a GPS function is a must. Apart from being able to keep track of time the GPS is very important, especially if you are trail running alone or on an unfamiliar trail. If you get lost, it can help you navigate back to safety. They help you track progress, keep track of your times and many have heart rate monitor functionality.

Running Cap and/or Sports Sunglasses

If you are running and the sun is out in full force, or even if it’s overcast, make use of a running cap or visor. It’ll will help avoid sunburn and will protect your eyes, which is a must, especially if you’re running on technical terrain and you need to keep a close eye on your footing. With sunglasses, you’ll want shades that eliminate the annoying glare and contrast that come with all-weather running. Choose sunglasses which require minimal handling, zero hassle and fit securely. Also make sure you choose sunglasses with a design which keeps your downward view unobstructed.

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