Road Running Calendar for May 2013

If you are keen to hit the local road running circuits but you are not sure about what events are happening, don’t stress… Rise To It will keep you in the loop. Check out our comprehensive road running calendar for May 2013.

Road Running Races (1)

Road Running Events

Mazars Diesel Depot
Type: Road Run, Walk
Date: May 4
Options: 15km
Area/Venue: Eastern Cape, Border, Chamberlain Road
Contact: Bronek Urban on 082 577 0932
Entrance Fee: 15km: R40, Temporary License: R10

Contact Refrigeration Mountain Challenge
Type: Road Run, Walk
Date: May 4
Options: 24k and 16km
Area/Venue: Eastern Cape, Border, Queenstown, Queenstown Harriers Clubhouse, Frost Street
Contact: Jaco on 045 839 4136
Entrance Fee: 24km: R50, 16km: R30, Temporary License: R15

Sudwala Screaming Monster
Type: Road Run
Date: May 4
Options: 21.1km
Area/Venue: Mpumalanga, Sudwala Lodge/Caves
Contact: Amanda Wessels on 084 583 6945
Entrance Fee: 21.1km: R60, Temporary License: R25

Two Lagoons
Type: Road Run, Walk, Wheelchair Race
Date: May 4
Options: 32km, 10km and 5km
Area/Venue: Western Cape, Wilderness Parks Board, Island Lake Section
Contact: George Soule on 074 117 0076
Entrance Fee: 32km: R45, 10km: R35, 5km: R25, Temporary License, 32km and 10km: R25

South African Pork Kwai Challenge
Type: Road Run, Fun Run
Date: May 12
Options: 21.1km and 10km run, 5km fun run
Area/Venue: Gauteng, Randburg, Randburg Sports Complex
Contact: Race Enquiries on 086 046 0906
Entrance Fee: 21.1km: (early bird) R50, (late entry) R60, 10km: (early bird) R40, (late entry) R50, 5km: (early bird) R25, (late entry) R30, 2.5km family fun run/walk: (early bird) R20, (late entry) R25, Temporary License: (21.1km) R20, (10km) R15

Itheko Slave Route Challenge
Type: Fun Run, Road Run, Walk
Date: May 12
Options: 21.1km and 10km run, 10km walk
Area/Venue: Cape Town, Darling Street (opposite City Hall)
Contact: Farouk Meyer on 083 460 6786
Entrance Fee: 21.1km: R50, 10km: R35, junior: R20, 10km Big Walk: R30, 5km Fun Run: R20, Temporary License: (21.1km) R2, (10km) R15, (junior) R10

Wilderness Run
Type: Fun Run, Road Run, Walk
Date: May 25
Options: 21.1km and 10km run, 3km fun run
Area/Venue: Western Cape, South Western Districts, Die Vlei NG Chruch
Contact: Juan Botes on 071 678 7147
Entrance Fee: 21.1km: R40, 10km: R30, 3km fun run: R10, Temporary License: R25


Which of these races would you like to enter most?

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