REF Hi-Temp Bumper Plates Review

Quickly becoming the bumper plate of choice, the new REF Hi-Temp Bumper Plates from REBEL Elite Fitness are the best heavy-duty bumper plates available. We take a closer look at them and explain why you should include them in your inventory.


Perfect for high use, hi-temp bumper plates have exceptional durability which means they are a sound investment for CrossFit boxes, functional fitness facilities and home gyms. They’ll last longer and can be thrashed around without fear or them cracking or crumbling at the centre as fast at typical rubber bumper plates.

They are designed specifically to stand up to daily abuse and the heavy-duty, high-quality, recycled rubber allows these bumper plates to be used for all forms of Olympic weightlifting, Powerlifting, CrossFit WoDs and all high-rep workouts.

These REF Hi-Temp Bumper Plates have a standard bumper plat shape, which contours around the edges, making them easier to grip load onto the bar. This standard shape also means they feature the standard 45cm diameter. They have a great dead-bounce, which means that they are perfect for thrashing around during workouts safely, which also means less wear and tear on both the bumper plate and on the Olympic bar, and less damage to floors and platforms. The durable stainless steel collar insert offers a snug fit onto the bar, ensuring minimal shift during use.


These REF Hi-Temp bumper plates come in weights of 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, and 25kg weights. These are a dependable, eco-friendly bumper plate and are a top option for anyone looking for the best quality high-use bumper plates available.

If you are interested in these great bumper plates, check them out online here.

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