Rebel Weighted Vest Review

We previously spoke about understanding intensity for better gains – yes, upping the intensity will let you see some huge gains. An easy way to increase the resistance and intensity during your workout is by training in a Rebel Weighted Vest. Here’s our review of this product…

Rebel Weight Vests

Rebel Weighted Vest Review

This brilliant training tool can be implemented into a variety of training routines. In fact, the use is only limited to your imagination. The Rebel Weighted Vest is very sturdy and will not sway unnecessarily. When you strap  it on it stays nice and secure so your stability is not compromised when you are busting out your exercises.

The beauty of the Rebel Weighted Vest is it’s so simplistic and yet so effective. An exercise like sprints  is quickly turned into a torturous lung shredding routine that gives you a higher return on physical gains, when this vest is included.

They come in three weight variations and each has adjustable weights. If you have never trained with a weighted vest before, you can start off by making use of the 1 to 10kg vest. Intermediate users should opt for the 1 to 15kg variation and naturally, the 1 to 20kg vest is ideal for the more experienced athletes. It is accompanied with cast-iron weights, so the ability to adjust the weights gives you a lot more freedom with adjusting the intensity of your workout.

Regular usage of the Rebel Weighted Vest is undoubtedly going to give you lungs for days. By using it you will be working a wider set of muscles more thoroughly as a result of the added baggage. It is customised to fit virtually any type of torso, so don’t worry about it not fitting properly. Another major plus is it will make you more proficient in skills that you are practicing while using the Rebel Weighted Vest.

Get it and become the best athlete you can be.

Have you ever used a weighted vest before? What was your experience with it like?

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