Rebel Olympic Lifting Bar Review

Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting is becoming increasing prevalent with popular functional fitness training, like CrossFit, making waves in the fitness industry. Whether it is for a good home gym, a CrossFit box or any other functional fitness gym, they are incomplete without this pivotal piece of training equipment. The Rebel Olympic Lifting Bar has been designed to promote super strength and superior performance.

Rebel Olympic Lifting Bar

Rebel Olympic Lifting Bar

Have peace of mind when you are training as it is precision engineered from special high strength, stress-proof alloy steel with rolled-in knurling to avoid adding stress points. So you can train with heavier plates if need be and not worry about the bar breaking.

The Rebel Olympic Lifting Bar is available in two variants – a 15kg version for women and a 20kg version for men. Its overall length is 2.2m and it has a 28mm diameter, a 50 mm diameter bushing sleeve and a 17.5 inch sleeve length.

The worse type of lifting bar is the type that is too slick. Fortunately the grip on these bars are  mighty good and the bar also promotes stability. So when you execute the technique, the only thing you have to worry about is exhibiting proper form as you don’t have to worry about other variables such as instability or poor grip surface.

If you are serious about Olympic Weightlifting or functional fitness, you best go with the Rebel Olympic Lifting Bar. They are tough as nails and will stand the test of time. It is a superior product that will give you superior results.

Do you train Olympic Weightlifting or other functional fitness movements? What exercises that requires an Olympic lifting bar, do you practice regularly?

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