REBEL Elite Fitness NBR Exercise Mat Review

For activities such as yoga or pilates and other routines, a good exercise mat is going to provide a safe and comfortable surface for your workout needs. The REBEL Elite Fitness NBR Exercise Mat is a mat worth investing in – it gives you that extra bit of added comfort to be able to train longer or harder.


It can be used for a variety of exercises – stretch and tone your body and improve on your flexibility on the REBEL Elite NBR Exercise Mat. The best part is that it has a non-slip surface grip. It gives you the freedom to workout with peace of mind as you have the necessary traction and stability to avoid potentially slipping and succumbing to injury.

Another plus is it is very easy to clean and it rolls easily, fulfilling your training requirements – definitely value for money.  Training on this mat will be a major eye-opener with regards to what an exercise mat should feel like. In fact a good exercise mat can sometimes be the difference between working out and sitting out – that being said, this is an exceptional exercise mat.

It is very durable and will afford you a ton of usage. The REBEL Elite NBR Exercise Mat is available in blue and can be purchased through REBEL Elite Fitness.

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