REBEL Enduromax 2.0 Jump Rope Review

The advantages of training with a good jump rope are numerous. Regular training (with it) does wonders for your coordination, functional fitness, balance, etc. We previously reviewed the REBEL Enduro-Max Cable Jump Rope, now we check out the REBEL Enduromax 2.0 Jump Rope.

REBEL Enduromax 2.0 Jump Rope Review

For starters, it is very lightweight. It features a short 12 cm, lightweight metal handle and robust metal dowel so you can say goodbye to broken plastic caps – good riddance to that. This jump rope is fast… scratch that, more like unbelievably fast.

Its speedy nature is further catalysed by the inclusion of a dual bearing handle design – in addition making it superbly smooth. Its lightweight and fast nature is going to make it a firm favourite amongst you CrossFitters and other functional fitness aficionados, especially when you trying to up your double-unders.

Working out with the REBEL Enduromax 2.0 Jump Rope is an absolute pleasure. The handles are not going to hurt your hands as it has foam handgrips, which have been contoured specifically for comfort and control, so rest assured, it will be a lot easier to jump with this rope.

Many jump ropes succumb to kinking and coiling however this jump rope fixes that problem by the inclusion of a coated cable. It can be used by people of varying heights as there are thumb screws which grant the user the ability to easily and quickly adjust cable lengths.

The REBEL Enduromax 2.0 Jump Rope will redefine your perception of jump ropes as you know it. It is highly compact and a joy to throw into your training bag. It is also highly durable and sturdy making it an overachieving jump rope. Purchase it online here for R285. Training with it is going to help you become an ace at skipping as you churn out more and more unbroken repetitions and take your functional fitness to the next level.

What type of skipping rope do you use?

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  1. Chantal says:

    I just have a quick question – Would you recommend this product to a beginner? I would like to buy a good quality jump rope that I can use for a long time :)

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