REBEL Elite Squat Stand Review

As you probably know, whether you own a home gym, a box or even a commercial gym, a good squat stand is essential. This pivotal piece of equipment provides the security and support you need for a host of exercises. We recently tested out the REBEL Elite Squat Stand and boy did it exceed our expectations…

REBEL Adjustable Squat Stand

Firstly, it should be noted that this is an excellent heavy-duty piece of equipment, which is tougher than an overdone T-bone. We cannot emphasise how tough it is. For those of you with herculean strength, don’t hesitate to stack that lifting bar up because the REBEL Elite Squat Stand welcomes the added weight with open arms.

It has reinforced steel that will give you the confidence to perform your workouts without having to worry about it not being sturdy enough to hold your stacked lifting bar. We cannot stress enough how important it is to have a strong squat stand – anything less than secure can be extremely dangerous and potentially result in injury.

It contains the perfect number of holes to suit your exercise needs so whether you are bench pressing, squatting or even doing pull-ups – you’re golden. You also don’t have to be Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor to put this product together as assembling it is very straight-forward and simple.

The REBEL Elite Squat Stand Review does not take up a lot of space. It looks awesome and will not let you down. Beefy to the nth degree, this squat stand is an excellent choice – great value for money. Purchase it online here now for only R 3 249.

How often do you utilise a squat stand? 

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