REBEL Elite Fitness Wooden Jerk Blocks Review

Jerk Blocks are becoming very popular in the functional fitness realm. They have so many practical and brilliant uses for training. However there is an unsettling trend of people trying to build their own jerk boxes. This is not advisable as if you are not properly versed in carpentry; you run the risk of making a defective unit,which could lead to you getting injured. Rather invest in the REBEL Elite Fitness Wooden Jerk Blocks – money well spent.

wooden jerk boxes 2

They have been crafted from premium quality wood and they are clear signifiers of expert craftsmanship. The stability that they exhibit is fantastic – definitely something that you will find hard to garner if you are using DIY variations.

Stack these REBEL Elite Fitness Wooden Jerk Blocks and use it to lift at varying levels of heights and positions for a specific lifting exercise, e.g. performing the snatch from below the knee. They can also be used to safely “jerk” a heavy weight overhead and lower it on one of the box levels. This actually makes allowance for higher jerk reps as you don’t have to clean the weight to the rack position.

They are a fantastic looking piece of equipment and their exquisite fine finish is a result of them being filed and sanded. Best of all they have a plethora of other potential uses to suit your training needs such as squats, presses, box jumps and even more. The REBEL Elite Fitness Wooden Jerk Blocks can be an extremely useful and innovative addition to your functional fitness training. They can be purchased online here.

Have you every trained with Jerk Boxes before? What was your experience like?.

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