REBEL Elite Fitness Wall Mounted Workout Rig Review

Your home gym or box should have the very best functional fitness equipment to ensure that you are able to take your functional fitness training to the next level. Once you realise how much a wall mounted rig has so much to offer, it will soon become a prominent fixture in your functional fitness routine. If you intend on buying one, we definitely suggest that you opt for a REBEL Elite Fitness Wall Mounted Workout Rig.


Not only is the rig extremely useful and beneficial to the user – from adoption into regular use, it also looks great – adding an extra bit of sheen to your box or workout area.

The REBEL Fitness Wall Mounted Workout Rig is useful for an array of exercises such as chin-ups, pull-ups, attaching gymnastic rings and more. A major draw card is the stability that it presents. A stabilised platform is definitely going to give you the courage to bust out those muscle-ups or other exercises that you are performing on the Wall Mounted Workout Rig. And the fact that it renders amazing grip also doesn’t hurt.

Each bracket has been designed to be anchored on any type of wall. From the overall unit to the individual components, this workout rig is as tough as nails. Measuring a generous 1200 mm x 800 mm, users have more than enough space to perform their exercises unhindered. You can hang your gymnastic rings on it without having to compromise valuable pull-up space. The REBEL Elite Fitness Wall Mounted Workout Rig can be purchased online here.

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