REBEL Elite Fitness Massage Roller Review

Muscle tightness and soreness is a horrible occurrence that rears its ugly head time and time again. It’s a terrible feeling that can cause significant discomfort. We previously reviewed the REBEL Rumble-Roller; now we look at the very effective REBEL Elite Fitness Massage Roller: another EFFECTIVE tool that assists with muscle-related aches and tightness.

REBEL Elite Fitness #1CF97B

The Fitness Massage Roller was engineered with the purpose of prompting myofascial release and to facilitate deep tissue massage. Myofascial release is excellent for treating various muscle/joint pains (including shin splints).

It is very flexible and its innovative design allows you to get that much-needed contour around various muscles. By facilitating both superficial and deep-tissue mobilization, the user receives a genuine massage-esque experience.

Using the REBEL Elite Fitness Massage Roller is so simple, you just roll it over the problematic areas. Its raised sections mould to the contour of your muscles and sink in to the soft tissue as you work out all the tightness. It prompts trigger point release as you loosen those knots. Rolling this dynamic tool over the affected areas renders a satisfying self-massage.

Apart from alleviating pain and tightness, it can also improve your range of motion and flexibility (beneficial to everybody and not just athletes). In addition it also increases blood flow and circulation in targeted areas.

Good blood flow will keep you looking healthy, improving brain function while keeping your mind sharp. It also better equips you to handle stress-laden situations. Stop the suffering and go get the REBEL Elite Fitness Massage Roller from REBEL Elite Fitness. It sells for R239.40

How do you alleviate muscle tightness and aches?

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