REBEL Elite Fitness Interval Timer

For whatever style of training you do — from functional fitness to running to MMA — a good interval timer is going to be an absolute godsend.  The REBEL Elite Fitness Interval Timer is a very practical and easy to use timer. It has so many versatile functions that will be immensely complimentary to almost any type of workout program.

Interval Timer

The REBEL Elite Fitness Interval Timer is going to inject the necessary structure and circumference into your training program so that your workouts are maximised (uninterrupted), and you do not have to take unnecessary breaks to look at your cellphone or watch to keep track of time.

The REBEL Elite Fitness Interval Timer comes with a remote control and has a large display which can be viewed from a distance. Use it to set your rounds and for rest and work periods. It also has pre-programed intervals. It is highly accurate and its stopwatch can stop at a fraction of a second. For those of you who are reaping the benefits of Tabata training, this timer is highly complementary to your routine.

In this regard, you can take intensity by the reins and implement it accordingly. Use the REBEL Elite Fitness Interval Timer to take your training to another dimension. This is definitely the best timer for any type of gym. You can purchase it online here.

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