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When it comes to general gym equipment, functional fitness equipment, or CrossFit-style equipment, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that you have the best quality products, from a safety point of view as well as to receive the best results out of workouts – be it personally or for clients/members. For top quality functional fitness equipment, REBEL Elite Fitness is the best in Africa, no contest.

REBEL Elite Fitness has a host of leading quality products and offer superior fitness gear, equipment and accessories made from premium materials. REBEL Elite Fitness are also the agents in Africa for inov-8, Concept2 rowers, PurePharma, SPIBelt, among other great brands. Here is an overview of what they have to offer…


CrossFit-Style and Functional Fitness Related Equipment


The quality REBEL Elite Fitness rubber coated dumbbells are ideal for a quieter workout and they are not harsh on the floor.

Bumper and Weight Plates
These bumper plates are made from solid rubber and are floor friendly, yet still very durable. There are also bumper plates with a solid steel core to promote superior strength. They come in a variety of weight options.

Olympic Bars
The REBEL  Olympic Bar is available in (women’s) 15kg or (men’s) 20kg bar, made from spring steel (25mm and 28mm, respectively) with an oxide coating and a hardened needle bearing chrome sleeve.

Gymnastic Rings
These top-quality Gymnastic Rings are available in black high strength plastic rings or classic wooden rings – ideal for functional and varied movement. They also come with the straps.

Fitness and Power Bands
REBEL Elite Fitness Power Bands are great for powerlifting and weightlifting. Each continuous two meter looped band can be used for speed and agility training plyometric, flexibility training, prehabilitation as well as rehabilitation. Also read our feature relating to this via (High-Intensity) Interval Training for Running – You Will Reap the Benefits!.




Competition Kettlebells
These Competition Kettlebells are made from a steel shell and they are painted (apart from the handle). They come in a variety of weight options.

Cast Iron Kettlebells
The Cast Iron Kettlebells are tremendously tough and will give you the results that you seek (with regular use). They come in a variety of weight options.


Training Balls


Canvas Medicine Balls
The classic canvas DMX Medicine Ball is an incredible training tool for strength, power, endurance, co-ordination, etc. They come in a variety of weight options.

Rubber Medicine Balls
The Rubber Medicine Ball is another effective training tool that is made from solid, synthetic, weather resistant rubber. They bounce and have a textured surface for grip purposes. They come in a variety of weight options.

Slam Balls
The Rebel Elite Fitness non-bounce Slam Ball enhances your throw strength, endurance and speed. They come in a variety of weight options.


Strength and Storage Equipment


REBEL Elite Fitness has a fantastic range of strength and storage equipment. This includes Squat Stands/Racks, Olympic Bar Gun Racks, GHD Machines, Bumper Plate Holders, Adjustable Benches, Dumbbell Racks and Bar Holders.


Concept2 Rowing Machines and Performance Monitors


Concept2 Rowing Machines
Rebel Elite Fitness supplies Concept2, which are world-renowned for innovative rowing products. From their Indoor Rowers to their Dreissigacker Racing Oars, their products will help you get fit, stay fit and achieve top results.

Concept2 Performance Monitors
Whether you choose the PM3 or the PM4, its accurate, comparable data will boost your training to the next level. The Performance Monitor provides vital training data such as distance, speed, pace, calories, and watts for each row workout.


Workout Rigs

Rigs-Pull up bar

Rebel Jungle Rig
The REBEL  Jungle Rig is also ideal for chin-ups, pull-ups and it includes height adjustable bar holders.

Rebel Wall Mounted Workout Rig
The REBEL  Wall Mounted Workout Rig measures 80mm by 1900mm and is useful for chin-ups, pull-ups, attaching Gymnastic Rings, etc.


Weight Vests and Sandbags


Adjustable Weight Vest (10kg, 15kg and 20kg versions are available)
The Adjustable Weight Vest adds more resistance to your training and is excellent for increasing strength, endurance and more.

Rebel Sandbag (Max weight is 60kg)
The REBEL Sandbag is amazing for strength and endurance enhancement. As you move the bag, the weight inside constantly shifts, forcing you to use your entire body.


Mobility and Rehab


Rebel Exercise Mat
The REBEL Exercise Mat is comfortable for workouts and measures 1800mm x 600mm x 15mm.

Rebel Foam Rollers
Foam Rollers breaks down soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue as well as stretches muscles and tendons.


Gym Accessories


Sports Chalk Blocks
For extra grip during training, get yourself some Sports Chalk Blocks. Each box contains eight pieces of chalk and a carton has 36 boxes.

Enduro-Max Cable Jump Rope
The Enduro-Max Cable Jump Rope is cost-effective and useful for coordination, balance, accuracy and agility. See our full product review of it here: Gear Review – The Best Speed Jump Rope You Could Buy. There are two new ropes which have also been added (as seen in the image above), and you can read about the REBEL Enduromax 2.0 Jump Rope Review here.

Olympic Spring Collar
Ensure that your bumper plates are secure on the barbell with these sturdy Olympic Spring Collars.


Contact REBEL Elite Fitness

Keep a close eye on Rise To It for in-depth reviews and features on each of these great products. To contact REBEL Elite Fitness for any of the above products, use these details:
(011) 663-2700
Corner George Allen & Mountjoy, Wilbart, Bedfordview / Germiston, JHB, Gauteng, 1613.


What fitness equipment are you looking to purchase? Do you currently use any of the above products and what has been your experience with them?

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