PurePharma Releases PR3!

PurePharma releases PR3, a product designed to enhance your recovery after working out. The main ingredients in PR3 are protein extracted from organic sprouted brown rice, freeze-dried organic coconut water and bioactive collagen. It is flavored with organic Dutch cocoa and lightly sweetened with a touch of stevia, which makes it well suited for mixing in a variety of healthy shakes and drinks.


It is well documented that good health is the most important indicator of quality of life in the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that people are becoming increasingly aware, carefully selecting their food and making more time for physical activity, exercising on a regular basis and pushing themselves harder. An essential component of this healthy lifestyle with increased training load is post-workout recovery. Whether you practice yoga, run or CrossFit, recovery is a critical part of getting the full benefit of your training. Julius Heslet, co-founder and CEO of PurePharma explains why: “When you work out your body is exposed to stress. You break down muscle, lose fluid and essential minerals, and impose stress on joints and connective tissues.” PR3 facilitates the recovery process by focusing on three important steps:

• REBUILD* muscle: Organic Rice Protein
• REPLENISH* electrolytes: Freeze-dried Organic Coconut Water
• RESTORE* connective tissues: Bioactive Collagen Peptides


With this healthy formula we have created a truly unique post-workout recovery supplement that addresses areas ignored by most other products. Of course, in order to achieve a full and quick recovery, PR3 has to be accompanied by optimal nutrition, hydration and rest.«PurePharma PR3 rice protein is a complete protein that supplies all essential amino acids to rebuild your muscles. Freeze-dried coconut water replenishes electrolytes lost with sweat, reestablishing the electrolyte balance. Finally, bioactive collagen supplies the needed peptides to restore and strengthen connective tissues in your body. Moreover, in comparison to other similar products on the market, PR3 is a clean product, being free of gluten, GMO, dairy, soy, solvents and artificial additives.

PR3 will be available on the market in 950g bottles containing 25 servings each. A 38g serving supplies 25g of organic rice protein, 3.5g of organic coconut water and 2.5g of bioactive collagen.

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