Power Sled Review

The effectiveness of a good power sled should never be discounted. It is fantastic if you are in the mood for a good outdoor workout as it bumps up your explosiveness. This REBEL Elite Fitness Power Sled is a welcomed addition to your functional fitness training regimen.

Power Sled

Regardless of whatever sport you participate in, training with a power sled is going to boost your current attributes. It is a brilliant addition to any sort of strength and conditioning program. When you use a power sled, it is going to require full body co-ordination and it will improve your balance and core strength.

This particular power sled is a very fine specimen and is just what you need to breathe new life into your workout program. It is versatile to the core and can be used on just about any type of surface area. Compact and tough as a tank, this burly piece of equipment can be pushed or pulled and best of all its design accommodates both high stance and low stance pushing.

There is ample space to stack on extra weight plates to intensify your workout by increasing resistance. The REBEL Elite Fitness Power Sled is going to do some amazing things for your performance.  Its efficiency is superb and making use of it will solidify the notion that no expense was spared when it came to creating a top drawer product.

You can buy this power sled online here.

Have you trained with a power sled before? What was your experience like?


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