Power Sled Harness Review

We recently featured this brilliant power sled from REBEL Elite Fitness. Now let us have a look at this overachieving power sled harness from REBEL Elite Fitness. If you have been searching for a heavy-duty harness that is going to support you when you are hauling your power sled – look no further because this harness is spot on the money.

Power Sled Harness

This is definitely one of the most durable harnesses around, as it gives you the perfect amount of support, renders you fantastic amounts of leverage and encourages a lower pulling angle. All of these attributes coupled with a gritty attitude is going to ensure you haul like an ox.

Once this power sled harness has been secured to you, you’ll have peace mind knowing that it will stay firmly secured. It will not shift out of place allowing you to pull to your full potential. Another major benefit is that it’s suitable for all people i.e. all shapes and sizes.  While it is meant to be used in conjunction with a power sled, it can also be used for other resistance training activities such as tyre pulling. The REBEL Elite Fitness Power Sled Harness is available online here.

Do you partake in resistance training? If so, what activities?

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