Power Bands Review

Power bands, also known as resistance bands, fitness bands or super bands, are frequently used in functional training for a variety of uses pre, post and during workouts.

Power Bands

They aid in bodyweight exercises, increase workout resistance, are used for mobility exercise, and are even used for Olympic lifting and Powerlifting to increase or asset with lifts. Power bands are best used for speed and agility training, jumping, plyometric exercises, aerobics, stretching, flexibility, prehabilitation and rehabilitation.

The power bands from REBEL Elite Fitness have been a staple in the market for many years and for good reason – they are the best available. They offer an accurate amount of resistance and are made from a high-quality rubber, which is very durable.

They feature a seamless two meter long loop, a thickness of 4.6mm, and are colour-coded for easy identification. Each colour power band, available in six variants, has a different width which offers greater or lesser resistance allowing for various applications and levels of resistance required.

They can be bought individually or in a set. They are available as follows:

* Red 13mm
* Black 22mm
* Purple 32mm
* Green 44mm
* Blue 64mm
* Orange 83mm

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