Posterior Chain Strength

Possessing posterior chain strength is essential if you’re looking to become a better athlete. Powerful hip extension, which is largely powered by the posterior chain, will give you the kind of ability which is required to achieve your maximum athletic potential.

Strengthen your  posterior chain

When you consider that almost all functional movements generate power from the hips and the hips get a vast amount of power from the posterior chain, then it goes without saying that working of strengthening your posterior chain is vital.

Powerful hip extension and a strong posterior chain contributes to jumping, pushing, pulling, running and squatting – all fundamental functional movements, and all which form the base from which more complex movements are built from.

In order to strengthen your posterior chain, you need to find balance between posterior and anterior chain strength and development. More commonly, the anterior chain (quads, abs, chest, shoulders and biceps) is focussed on during training and the posterior chain (glutes, erector spinae, hamstring, deltoids, etc.) is often not focussed on enough, causing an imbalance. This imbalance results in an overall waning of strength. It all comes down to ensuring every muscle group does its job correctly and therefore avoids other muscle groups from carrying the load and possibly resulting in inefficiency and even possible injury when moving weight.

So, how do you strengthen your posterior chain to avoid this lack of power or unbalanced power? Firstly, a well-rounded training programme will see that many movements which work the posterior chain comes up regularly – think of kettlebell swings and deadlifts. However, to work on your posterior chain and hip strength, especially if you find you lack posterior chain power, you can really improve their power by working on mobility and strengthening exercises which isolate those zones of the body.

Here are several videos which highlight great exercises which will help improve your hips and posterior chain mobility and strength.







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